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2019 Toyota Camry Hybrid Specs Interior Le Xle Difference

2019 Toyota Camry Hybrid Specs Interior Le Xle Difference - All new 2019 Camrys are reduced and also larger compared to the old: 1 inch reduced, half an inch broader and also with the center of mass brought down by virtually an inch. That sleek brand-new outside brought drag down by a tenth to 0.27. All of this bodes well for the driving experience.

And as long as we're talking about the suspension, below's another big feature of the brand-new Camry: It has two different as well as unique configurations for the suspension. The L, LE and also more loaded XLE are targeted at the standard (i.e., older) Camry customer. They're softer, much more extravagant, comfy, silent as well as coddling. The SE and also XSE are aimed at the younger purchaser, the one all the advertising and marketing as well as item planning people assume will be attracted to this new Camry. It is "flashy." Both configurations have their very own springs, dampers, antiroll bars and also tires

2019 Toyota Camry Hybrid Specs Interior Le Xle Difference

The essential point with the Camry is that it's all-new. "Every little thing but the logo," Toyota individuals want to state. The cars and truck rests on the TNGA-- Toyota New Global Style-- Toyota's first full application of that system (RAV4 as well as Prius have parts of it but not all). Toyota states the TNGA provides a "enjoyable owning experience." Yes, enjoyable and also Camry were simply utilized in the same paragraph.

The engine choices coincide regardless: a 203-hp (206 in the SXE) 2.5-liter direct-injected four and a 301-hp 3.5-liter DI V6. The straight injection in all situations is Toyota Camry's sophisticated D-4S, which infuses air/fuel mix both into the cyndrical tube and also upstream of the valves as needed. Both engines are mated to a "Direct Shift" eight-speed automated with paddle shifts, though the proportions are various. Curb weights vary from 3,241 in the base L model (good luck discovering among those!) to 3,549 in the XLE.

2019 Toyota Camry Hybrid Specs Interior Le Xle Difference

The Camry Hybrid, meanwhile has a 176-hp 2.5-liter 4 mated to a 118-hp (88-kW) long-term magnet synchronous electric motor for a hybrid system web horse power rating of 208 hp. It's mated to a continually variable transmission.

While the front is MacPherson strut, the back has-- brace yerself, Bridgette-- double-wishbone suspension. Currently, we crawled beneath a Camry or more as well as while we would not specifically claim it was pure double wishbones like you carry your race automobile, it went to least fully independent, with top as well as reduced links. This alone is cause for expressing joy.


First from the parking area we attempted an SE 4-cylinder, the non-hybrid. The inside is completely comfortable and suiting, with a sitting hip factor that's been reduced by three-quarters of an inch. The guiding wheel adjusts greater than previous Camrys and really felt extra also compared to rivals. The trip is quiet however not separated, and a little application of perky driving-- changing to sporting activity setting and also making use of the paddle shifters-- takes a breath life right into it. Downshifting with the paddles into edges brings it out extra.

2019 Toyota Camry Hybrid Specs Interior Le Xle Difference

After that we got involved in an XSE V6. From a driver's point ofview, this is the most effective of the lot-- one of the most power (301 hp) which livelier S suspension. Second-rate is the four-cylinder SE. The SE and also XSE really feel almost fun, definitely workable. Nearly tossable, though the tires on all the Camrys feel a little slippy, a little hard, as if they were made for gas mileage, not grip. The SE and also XSE tires hang on much better, naturally.

Next we entered an SE Crossbreed. Here the CVT is striving to be sporty as well as responsive yet really feels neither. A look at the spec sheet lists gas mileage at an outstanding 52 mpg incorporated for an LE Hybrid. This might be worth the loss of road feeling, specifically if you cannot really feel the road anyway, relying on just how you drive. The SE and also XLE Hybrids are ranked at 46 integrated, which is likewise impressive. If gas mileage is more important to you than sportiness, this is your flight. The straight-up gasoline-engine versions, despite having direct shot, obtain only 34 integrated for an uncommon four-cylinder L access model to 32 for the other four-cylinder Camrys and also 26 mpg combined for the XLE as well as XSE.
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