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2018 Toyota Corolla XSE AT Specs and Features

2018 Toyota Corolla XSE AT Specs and Features - 2018 Toyota Corolla XSE AT Specs and FeaturesThe 2018 Toyota Corolla is the white bread of new cars. Satisfying nourishment without much enjoyment; a vehicle that does its job with just the occasional tip of flair.

2018 Toyota Corolla XSE AT Specs and Features

hat's not a disrespect. Toyota has actually marketed greater than 40 million Corollas worldwide over the last few generations as well as the vehicle is as a lot a household name as is Wonderbread. And also about as thrilling, which is why we've scored it a sensible however not excellent 6.5 from 10.
The current Corolla rolls right into 2018 mainly identical, in addition to the removal of a 50th anniversary special edition (51st anniversary does not have rather the same ring). Illuminated vanity mirrors are now standard on all designs, while XLE and SE versions add a leather-wrapped, three-spoke steering wheel to their roster of tools.

2018 Toyota Corolla XSE AT Specs and Features

A vital note: Toyota supplies 2 different versions of the Corolla, each with its own tale to inform. We have actually grouped them together-- the Corolla car as well as the Corolla iM hatchback-- because they share a name as well as a standard expectation on life. The Corolla iM, recognized briefly as the Successor iM before that brand name was folded up right into Toyota's profile, is essentially a European-market 5-door hatchback. It has its very own interior decoration and, below, its suspension is substantially more innovative. Our ranking is based upon the car, which dramatically outsells the iM, yet we'll make note of distinctions in between both designs as necessary.

2018 Toyota Corolla XSE AT Specs and Features

The Corolla sedan is readily available in L, LE, LE Eco, XLE, SE, as well as XSE trim degrees, all with 4-cylinder power as well as a commendably high degree of typical safety and security devices. The Corolla iM is only provided in one configuration that slots in concerning equivalent to the Corolla SE car.

No matter body style, the Toyota Corolla ratings well for its convenience and also effectiveness, in addition to its crash-test document, however it loses some factors for a chintzy feel within, its suspicious worth, and since several opponents supply more character without thinning down the sensible nature that makes the Corolla so enticing.

2018 Toyota Corolla XSE AT Specs and Features

The 2018 Corolla range is fitted with a 1.8-liter inline-4 engine rated at 132 horsepower in the majority of sedans; the Eco sedan, as its name indicates, is tuned for effectiveness and also, strangely enough, its variation of the 4-cylinder engine supplies 8 even more hp. Most Corollas are geared up with a constantly variable transmission (CVT), although a 6-speed handbook is readily available on the SE sedan as well as the iM hatchback. Make no mistake: the Corolla's bases as well as guiding are tuned for convenience and also not performance, although the iM's multi-link rear suspension grants it with a little much more curved roadway perseverance.

All models are well-appointed from the beginning, although none is an especially excellent worth in regards to their market prices. In a similar way, the Corolla array scores in the 30 mpg combined neighborhood, which is on the high side for compact automobiles-- yet not quite class-leading.
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